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Tip 025 - Presentation


You have been rocking it lately. You pushed several killer features to Thingy™ in the past month and now the time has come. Time to announce those changes in a presentation, or the change-logs.

You feel super proud of your work and you're excited to share it with those who use Thingy™ all the time. As you stand up in the meeting or get ready to type out those changes, you express the flood of emotions going on in your mind: "We added a doo-dad to Thingy™, and now you can do dads. We think this is a great step forward for our users now, and a great step toward an even better Thingy™ later."


Crickets. You sit back down. Meeting continues.


There are few things more crushing to your self-esteem than presenting your super-cool work and getting no response. Even a crown going "boo" can give you a certain euphoria, because you know you've struck a chord. You've made something happen in the world. But nothing?


What can be done? How can you get some feedback that this, this was the feature they wanted? How to you ensure that your work doesn't sit unnoticed in the oblivion of the internet? It's all about presentation.

Whether it's a landing page you're making, a presentation you're about to give, or a change log you're about to write, you need to use the principles of crowd management. You've got to hype shit up! Get 'em excited! "Why yes, I do hate it when that bug happens! How happy would I be if I found out that thing was fixed?"

Turns out people get excited. It's fun to be excited, we just need something to be excited about. we need hype ammo. We are social creatures, and especially recently, we are sharing, anticipating creatures. Don't just show your Thingy™. Set the stage and frame it with a problem. Then solve that problem with your Thingy™. (I promise I'll stop with the Thingy™.)

I'm not a public speaker. I wouldn't say I'm very good at this - especially when it comes to people in a room and orchestrating that mob energy. Doesn't that make it all the more worth it to make sure someone on your team has those skills then? Make it so that when people find out about work you've done, it's an EVENT. Go all out. Twice a year, Google, Apple, and other big tech companies show how it's done. Learn/steal from the best.


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