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Tip 018 - Learning the Root


This will be the last of the tips on learning for a while. Three makes for a nice number, I think. And now, on to the last:

This tip kind of builds on the first one about learning the seams. What I mean when I say to "learn the root" is that I find it most valuable long-term to not get caught up in this year's all-new hotness, when there is still something the hotness is based on to learn first. (Again I'll reiterate that these tips are in reference to me and the way I learn individually, you should not take any of this as fact.)

If you learn Bootstrap and not CSS, or if you learn jQuery but not JS core, you are stunting yourself and your growth. It's like building a house and adding a foundation later. I wish I had a way of saying that while making this tip look long enough to be "worth it" (another myth), but it's that simple. Figure out why the things you use work. Then, when it's no longer the new hotness, you can move on and not lose all of your viability in the job market because you knew the one thing. Learn the foundational stuff, the standards, and NEVER STOP learning those things in addition to whatever sounds neat at the time.


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