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Tip 017 - Learning the Perspectives


This continues my foray into the things I focus on to help me learn things well. Last time was talking about figuring out where one technology stops and the next one stops, and what one does for you that another one won't. This time it's all about perspective. Don't worry, this is way more actionable than it sounds.

When I spend time trying to learn a thing, it's very rare that I understand it and know how to use it the first time through. For me, to really crack through to the nougat-y goodness of understanding, I need to hear the same concept explained in multiple ways, ideally from different people,

This goes from everything you learn in life, not just technology, and not even things that "based in fact". When you trust your first source you are inherently subconsciously biased toward the opinion of the source you first heard it from. And yes, even the encyclopedia is biased. Great efforts are made to make it not so biased, but human nature says that it's impossible to avoid it entirely. The easy answer to this problem is to always look for a second opinion, another source of learning. The more the merrier, but you only have so much time in the world. With all these sources in hand, balance them yourself and draw a conclusion. As you learn more about the subject or hear about it from yet another source, reassess and adjust your conclusion.

That was a meaty one. I think we'll call it for the day. I might continue this series on learning later. Or I might not.

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