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Redesigning the site... again


I have a problem.

I get bored of my site. For about two days after a tweak or a redesign, I'm pretty proud of it. The way it looks, the way the code was organized - I'm satisfied. Then comes the Itch. (Capitalized for bonus drama)

That Itch wants me to make minor changes left, right, and center, until before I've realized it, I'm working on a totally different site and hoo-boy I guess I gotta refactor everything and start from scratch.

The Itch, as of today, is scratched. Over the weekend, I'm sure I'm going to be looking at my site and seeing everything wrong with it, but that's okay. Instead of jumping right back into VS Code and deleting folders whole-cloth, I'll just calm my britches and make a note. GitHub Issues are a thing, I can organize my impulses a bit.

I mean, it's not even the end of the working day and I've already found at least 5 major problems with the site. But so far, it seems to me that the biggest problem out of all of them is that I need to learn to triage and manage my projects better. So today, that begins.

Going forward

One of the first things I want to address as this rebuild is done is that I've been trying to get my site in line with that IndieWeb movement - the whole own-your-own-data, your-site-is-your-profile, post-on-own-site-syndicate-elsewhere spiel.

I've got a lot of work to do on that front. Right now, I've got a domain name and site going. Check. I've got microformat classes everywhere. Check. And I've got incoming webmentions being recorded. Check.

But there's a lot I'm missing. I don't have those incoming webmentions displayed anywhere, for one. I don't have an automated way of sending mentions, either. I used to have an automatic publish-to-Twitter thing happening, but that needs to be reworked. I only have the one type of post, I don't have replies, notes, or any other formats set up. And my comments are being handled by Disqus (smh).

Because I'm a cheapskate and the whole site is static, there's a big don't-have-a-server-sized obstacle in the way of getting a lot of those things ticked off the wishlist, but there are definitely ways. I'm honestly not sure what those ways are or how they work, but I know they're there, from what I've seen on other really smart people's sites.

But that's one of the points of a blog I suppose. Documenting my process and how I learned what I did. This process is mostly for me, since the act of writing things down cements them in my head, but if someone out there can find these stories and ramblings useful, then glory be and hallelujah! I'd love to hear about it, and what I could be improving on. This is the web after all, and it isn't the vast void many seem to think it is. In cleaning up some stuff, I've found some webmentions I didn't even know I had (so sorry for not responding, Zack), so I think that's probably the best place to start.

And thus, Operation Show-Webmentions-I-Get-And-Notify-Me-Somehow is afoot. Where it stops, nobody knows.


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